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What are Cockroaches and Their



Cockroaches are nocturnal insects with an oval and flat body measuring between 3 and 7.5 centimeters. It is estimated that there are about 3500 species of cockroaches at present, but only about 20 of them can cause annoyance to human beings. The most common are 4 types as American, German, Oriental and Brownbanded which most frequently invade houses.

Cockroaches are omnivorous, so they eat everything from high in fat and sugar to leather and glue foods, although they have a preference for the former. They reproduce by eggs and their lifespan is short, usually less than one year, although their reproduction rate is so high that a single female can have between 300 and 400 eggs.

Roaches hate light, so they usually live in groups in dark, humid and hot places such as sewers, basements or cracks in the walls. They have great strength and can go for long periods without food or water and can even live almost 45 minutes without air.

One of the legends surrounding them is what counts that they could survive a nuclear cataclysm. This, not surprisingly, has not been checked yet, but it is true that cockroaches carry a radiation dose between 6 and 15 times higher than that of humans.


Types of Cockroaches


There are several types of cockroaches which we will see in brief in this piece of writing. For more detailed information, you can visit


1 – German Cockroach



It is a cockroach that measures 1.27 cm, light brown with two dark stripes. It's a cockroach that lives inside, so its favorite places include kitchen, bathroom and where you prepare and store foods. They have a very high reproductive capacity and can be easily extended to other parts of the place where you live. A single female can have more than 30,000 children in just one year.

2 – Brownbanded Cockroach


Measuring 1.27 cm, males are more golden than females, which have a dark brown color. Both have light colored stripes on both wings and abdomen. Males can fly but the females do not. They are cockroaches inside and as such their favorite places of habituation are warm areas of the house, behind pictures on the walls, between the gaps of furniture and untidy sites.


3 – American Cockroach


They are the biggest cockroaches that exist and can measure up to 5 cm. They have reddish brown color and large body. It is a cockroach that lives outside, but it does not mean you cannot find it at home. Females can lay more than 800 eggs in a year.


4 – Oriental Cockroach


It also lives outside; the adults can measure 3.17 cm and they have blackish or almost black color. The males have shorter wings in proportion to their body and women have more rudimentary wings. They cannot fly and are somewhat slower and prefer cooler temperatures.